Doodling at a cafe

cute fuzzy animal hour <3

botanical poster of different tropical plants and herbs

thinking of making this into a poster or print- thoughts? :)

overheard in the restroom while one girl was talking to another sitting on the toilet: “o.m.g. like why doesn’t my instagram work in here?” i could not think of what she could possibly be instagramming in a restroom stall but i thought about it and this came to mind - a poopstagram.



saw this cloud as i was leaving work the other day… so i decided to paint it! :)


I thought it might be fun/interesting to try my first giveaway!! 
I have 5 sets of giclee prints of 5 fierce foxes I painted a few weeks ago, and they’re in need of a home.

oh dear, there are rules?  
1. You must be following me. 
2. Reblog this post. 

5 winners will be randomly chosen out of my largest fedora on Monday, March 18.
Start your engines—and thank you.